Purge Necron tomb complexes with Kill Team’s latest expansion

21 feb 2021
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Find out what's coming up for pre-order in this edition of Week in Warhammer - featuring a dark and gloomy dive into the unknown terrors of a Necron tomb.

  • I'm not going to talk about prices now that they are known, but is clear that those kill zones boxes are misleading advertising...

    Mr.DisformeMr.Disforme10 timmar sedan
  • Give us some new Craftworlds and Harlequin miniatures for God's sake

    Seer CouncilSeer Council13 timmar sedan
  • Just cancelled my preorder of the “Munitorum hub” box after realising that it has almost twice less content than its predecessor. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined :(

    Terror MaskTerror MaskDag sedan
  • Loving it!

    Maxwell MeeMaxwell Mee4 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the comments so all us warhammer fans can have one centralized place to commune! On SEworld that is.

    Benjamin BeaudryBenjamin Beaudry5 dagar sedan
  • The price is so bad But this box is so good

    _ DarkNgameS_ DarkNgameS5 dagar sedan
  • How is that killteam battle even remotely balanced

    MetroplexMetroplex5 dagar sedan
  • Blooooood for the Blooood Bloooood !

    Aaaa AaaaAaaa Aaaa5 dagar sedan
  • Comment for the comment god

    darkassasiondarkassasion5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for these amazing new Necrons! Love them!

    Samasaurus123Samasaurus1235 dagar sedan
  • This box is shite.

    Thomas VoitThomas Voit5 dagar sedan
  • Will you look at that, more Space Marines, who would have thought? It would be nice if 40K factions other than Space Marines got some new models for a change. It feels like decades since a faction other than Primaris got something more than 1 new model. Necrons did get new stuff I admit, but probably the only army to get that treatment for a decade, meanwhile Space Marines will be updated at least twice in the same amount of time. Might as well change the name of the game from Warhammer 40000, to Space Marines the Miniature game, much more honest that way.

    juan jacobo yarce velezjuan jacobo yarce velez5 dagar sedan
  • Those heavy intercessors look sweet, I'll have to add a couple into my platoons as fire support.

    RAsplez 98RAsplez 985 dagar sedan
  • For a hobby that has one the best community's, and sole survival is said community playing , and sharing, it is beyond crazy that Warhammer turns off comments. KEEP THEM ON. Good or bad, to allow the community to commune is better, and more welcoming, it is big turn off and many see it as a warning flag, when they are off. Hope you see this, and u understand the damage 6ou do by always having these off.

    BreezingThroughBreezingThrough5 dagar sedan

    pino ariaspino arias6 dagar sedan
  • Comments! Let them stay!

    Lord KonstableLord Konstable6 dagar sedan

    Thom MordenThom Morden6 dagar sedan
  • Why xenos box always so bad and so expensive?

    たくねたくね6 dagar sedan
  • Those flayed ones look great but the price of the kill team box isn't worth it.

    trash mantrash man6 dagar sedan
  • Is this the rumoured kill team 125GBP (€150 or $165-190) box with the 2x 5 miniatures?

    Sven VSven V6 dagar sedan
  • comments :) Blessed be the Omnisiah

    ArrowskeeArrowskee6 dagar sedan
  • That Cawdor mutant is 100% Quovandius from Inquisitor 54mm

    Peter CookPeter Cook6 dagar sedan
  • day 5098778721 of waiting for a new ork codex this is fine

  • Brother I am pinned here!

    Mark MorrisMark Morris6 dagar sedan
  • Comment section? What... What channel is this? I'm so confused.

    Inverted ScrotumInverted Scrotum6 dagar sedan
  • Kill Team!!! YES!!! Come on GW. Make sure to balance out the other factions and give your best competitive game, Kill Team, some more reliable support!

    B BB B6 dagar sedan
  • We need them to notice that they shouldn't have comment OFF

    DanDan6 dagar sedan
  • New flayed ones! Yey

    Black KasopejaBlack Kasopeja6 dagar sedan
  • Hurray

    PoemonPoemon6 dagar sedan
  • Comments for the Comment God! Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to these releases. Especialy the KT terrain boxes. Depending on the price point, they might be just what I need to expand my terrain collection!

    Viktor BodnárViktor Bodnár6 dagar sedan
  • It’s nice to see them getting the stuff from indomitus out even if it’s in bundles

    TRAE YAGERTRAE YAGER6 dagar sedan
  • Please do better price to have more people going in w40k universe, make it more accessible, make a movie or a real game, I love this universe

    Sgt CrashSgt Crash6 dagar sedan
  • You’ll probably see this and think I’m greedy and obnoxious but I’m only doing this because i cant think of any other way to support myself, i just want to have a hobby too. Im spreading my kofi and my patreon and if any kind strangers want to check them out and learn more about me and my situation before you jump to conclusions that would be greatly appreciated. Donations and shares help. Ko-fi.com/saltysupport01 Patreon.com/NathanPaints

    Nathan LawtonNathan Lawton6 dagar sedan
  • Boss, boss? whats dis komments fing ere

    Corusame OccasumCorusame Occasum6 dagar sedan
  • I really hope we get to see more gravis devastators! That and volkite liutenents.

    Pelinal WhitestrakePelinal Whitestrake6 dagar sedan
    • @4uDaPP 1st of all, don’t complain to me, complain to GW. I do agree that Nids, Eldar and Especially Orks need some upgrades because holy shit gw. However even we space marine players are getting annoyed. I’m mainly a first born player and still pissed about their removal of the Blood Angles tactical squad and the fallen pack. I only said i’m hoping for more gravis models because prior to the eliminators we only had a very little gravis models and all of them had to be kitbashed to get the weapon you wanted on them.

      Pelinal WhitestrakePelinal Whitestrake6 dagar sedan
    • how about you let some of the other races have a release once in a while... you've only had like 50 new datasheets in the past couple of years

      4uDaPP4uDaPP6 dagar sedan
  • I came here to complain, then found out that GW doesn't normally have comments open... so I'm changing my complaint to a positive comment! Good job GW for allowing comments 😂

    Matt TaylorMatt Taylor6 dagar sedan
  • I want Rogue Traders as an army.

    国丸太郎 / Taro Kunimaru国丸太郎 / Taro Kunimaru6 dagar sedan
  • Sisters of battle bikes, terminators, flyer, tank

    ItachirevivedItachirevived6 dagar sedan
  • Im loving those heavy Intercessors and Captain.

    Imperial FistImperial Fist6 dagar sedan
  • I love the comments! Wish I’d be able to see the hype for so many of the new kits!

    Filmaker94Filmaker946 dagar sedan
  • Will the indomitus characters all be old together, or piecemeal?

    BlindeyeseesfarBlindeyeseesfar6 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward for this box. And btw. now that we have comments, it would be nice to get an answer what the problem with GWs deliveries to, at least germany, is.

    KuestenjungKuestenjung6 dagar sedan

    RVN15RVN156 dagar sedan
  • I shall fortify the comments

    Heterosexual HelicopterHeterosexual Helicopter6 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know if the terrain in the Kill Team box comes prepainted or not?

    green Entertainergreen Entertainer6 dagar sedan
    • You being serious? It's Games workshop nothing is prepainted, or prebuilt for that matter.

      Dark SeraphDark Seraph6 dagar sedan
  • ah yeh a kill team box said no one. putting theses 4 models in a box was a really bad idea. not to mention the price point holy cow.

    Ryan MckibbenRyan Mckibben6 dagar sedan
  • The title of vid is very hateful speech for any necron player after what you did to heavy cessers pts

    Priest KingPriest King7 dagar sedan
  • Ofcourse! PURGE THE CRONS, thats why you did heavy cessers 17 pts? Are you mad, GW's marine funs? How on earth you decided it to be a good idea?

    Priest KingPriest King7 dagar sedan
  • Are the Necromunda guys going to be GW plastic of FW resin? I'd snatch those ladies in a heartbeat, but resin is a dealbreaker.

    zadrot_fmzadrot_fm7 dagar sedan
  • __MY COMMENT IS__ that I'm gonna buy all this lol.

    Bobby RossBobby Ross7 dagar sedan
  • Why is there a comments section?

    Etrigan 85Etrigan 857 dagar sedan
  • Cool we can comment. Please leave this on.

    Derek147900Derek1479007 dagar sedan
  • come to Brazil

    Leonidas PoledourisLeonidas Poledouris7 dagar sedan
  • Give new imperial guard models

    Slaaneshi ChaplainSlaaneshi Chaplain7 dagar sedan
  • the first ever comment section to be turned on woa

    jamarcusjamarcus7 dagar sedan
  • Comment Section!

    Big BozBig Boz7 dagar sedan
  • Subscribe to battlescribe

    Creeping DeathtideCreeping Deathtide7 dagar sedan
  • This kill team box is a new dimension of rip off. We have to vote with our wallet !!

    banlungx001banlungx0017 dagar sedan
  • So when do the heavy Intercessors come out on their own?

    Cloyd DowlingCloyd Dowling7 dagar sedan
  • Quickly, Sons of Dorn, Fortify and protect this comment section!

    Xander PhillipsXander Phillips7 dagar sedan
    • @Big gay Frog Well Done, Brother, we shall defend the comments at all costs

      Xander PhillipsXander Phillips6 dagar sedan
    • It is done battle brother!

      Big gay FrogBig gay Frog6 dagar sedan
  • The only question worth it is: will we get the miniature only we this boxset or will we get them one by one as well?

    AriolysAriolys7 dagar sedan
  • Comments for the comment god! Interaction for the algorithm throne!

    jsizzlesaurusrexjsizzlesaurusrex7 dagar sedan
  • Let’s play for warhammer

    tyquan flemingtyquan fleming7 dagar sedan
  • *Thanks to all gods for comments!*

    Mateusz BanaszakMateusz Banaszak7 dagar sedan
  • I am creating my own Primaris chapter with the traits Long Range Marksmen and Stoic. The Heavy Intercessors are going to be a fine addition in Dark Reaper and Bone armour.

    Arx 13Arx 137 dagar sedan
  • Comments!

    mutnaumutnau7 dagar sedan
  • Does gw take bribes to keep the comment section open if so how many void dragon will I need to buy

    BossedbossBossedboss7 dagar sedan
  • For the Greater Good

    DeamonMind GamingDeamonMind Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • Ayyyy, love the Judicier. I hope to see a modular style model like what we got with the new BladeGuard set

    James BaynesJames Baynes7 dagar sedan
  • kill team is fun.

    Jeff HawthorneJeff Hawthorne7 dagar sedan
  • It's like space hulk with extra stepsssss

    Marshall McCannMarshall McCann7 dagar sedan
  • Keep up the good work guys!

    Alisia ZbellAlisia Zbell7 dagar sedan
  • I think I might the only person actually hyped about the terrain in this box lmao. "Muh Heavy Intercessors!" Good thing I don't play SM 🙃👍Why can't y'all wait for stuff when there are no tournaments happening anyways?

    HeadywonHeadywon7 dagar sedan
    • No, I am not scalping them on eBay; I have a friend who doesn't want Flayed Ones, so I am trading. Not everyone is a degenerate scalper 🍻

      HeadywonHeadywon7 dagar sedan

    Blarry 2215Blarry 22157 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry everyone, Comments will be disabled as soon as they realize they forgot. NO OPINIONS THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Consume product you stupid mutts. Carry on.

    StahPKStahPK7 dagar sedan
  • While comments are open thought I’d post my wish for some new plastic guard minis... some catachans would be good.

    RichieRichie7 dagar sedan
    • Tau wouldn't be bad either

      Powerhouse616Powerhouse6167 dagar sedan
  • Get out of the way! Fabius Bile Tanks coming through!

    BallefjongmannenBallefjongmannen7 dagar sedan
  • Purge? I’d rather defend those tombs. Long live the Silent King!

    Gustav ÅkermanGustav Åkerman7 dagar sedan
    • @Imotekh The Stormlord I thought I was the last loyal to sautekh...

      Hollow RoxasHollow Roxas5 dagar sedan
    • Well I mean, imotekh is like, totally way cooler but long live the dynasties of the necrontyt

      Imotekh The StormlordImotekh The Stormlord6 dagar sedan
    • Marine: Oh hey brothas I have found a HOLE! Come che... *gets disintegrated by several gauss cannons*

      Gustav ÅkermanGustav Åkerman6 dagar sedan
    • Necron be like *MY TOMBS!!*

      Gustav ÅkermanGustav Åkerman6 dagar sedan
    • They just hate non marines, now they actively say this

      Priest KingPriest King7 dagar sedan
  • Please keep comments on more

    kieranproskillskieranproskills7 dagar sedan
  • If only it wasnt primarus marines

    RedPenDragon3RedPenDragon37 dagar sedan

    GarpogodsGarpogods7 dagar sedan
    • i am fortifying this position

      coltrain1200coltrain12002 dagar sedan
    • *Rogal Dorn wants to know your location*

      LukášLukáš6 dagar sedan
    • *FORTIFY* *SIEGE* *FORTIFY* ad infinitum

      Gustav ÅkermanGustav Åkerman6 dagar sedan

      Imperial FistImperial Fist6 dagar sedan
    • The best offense is a good defense

      Jorge Deaño PérezJorge Deaño Pérez6 dagar sedan
  • Yooo we got comments now let’s gooooo

    Bored GuyBored Guy7 dagar sedan
  • I am fortifying this position.

    Jorge RodriguezJorge Rodriguez7 dagar sedan
  • can we get more tau or eldar release ?

    gustave choutrigustave choutri7 dagar sedan
  • That awful moment when people are allowed to talk about the video

    Jaffa CakesJaffa Cakes7 dagar sedan
  • Ooh comments. And is that be’lakor that I spotted on the teaser at the end of the preview? ;)

    BlizzardBlizzard7 dagar sedan
  • OMG! Comments! Praise the forth arm emperor!

    Power PrimePower Prime7 dagar sedan
  • Hey GW you know that comments are a HUGE part of the SEworld algorithm right?

    Kenneth WardKenneth Ward7 dagar sedan
    • Not seeing valid complaints is more important at gee dubs

      Nerdin'Nerdin'6 dagar sedan
  • Please nobody be weird with the comments. We need more videos with comments enabled!

    Kenneth WardKenneth Ward7 dagar sedan
    • They dont care if its weird or positive. They will disable regardless.

      StahPKStahPK7 dagar sedan
  • I still hope that the YNNARI will get some kind of update as soon as possible as also some new models (like aspect warriors)! Please! I love this faction and its lore!! I still belive they have potential ;)

    Lorenzo501stLorenzo501st7 dagar sedan
  • Yo new kill teams AND comments? Lit

    Rage KageRage Kage7 dagar sedan
  • Fak any news about new models, COMMENTS thats the big news

    Tryhan TernocTryhan Ternoc7 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I just want the heavy intercessors for my Deathwatch Indomitor killteams. couldn't you guys have released them separately first? I get why Box sets like this exist, they're meant to offer a cheaper alternative to buying everything peacemeal but the person buying would actually have to want everything in the box. Making the rest of us wait longer does rub the wrong way as it seems we're being forced to either pay more for stuff we don't want, or be left out entirely. Releasing the box sets and the individual model kits simultaneously would have been a better approach, if everything combined in one box is cheaper, people who want them all will buy them no problem. In a side note, really should have put the heavy intercessors in the Deathwatch Combat Patrol box so at least it includes an Indomitor kill team, or replaced the aggressors with outriders, hellblasters, or assault intercessors for a Fortis Kill Team. Just felt like the set wasn't really tailored for the specific faction as well as the others were.

    TonesTheGeekTonesTheGeek7 dagar sedan
  • Always happy to see you more necromanda contents

    choczynskichoczynski7 dagar sedan
  • Wait... COMMENTS!?

    David PielDavid Piel7 dagar sedan
  • Hey!

    E.T.BE.T.B7 dagar sedan
  • They've taken the idea of Kill Team being a short game of 40k even further with this box set by having the player who chooses the Necron side concede the match immediately

    Gabriel B.Gabriel B.7 dagar sedan
    • Depends on how the scenarios work. Tbh I would like to see the commanders expansion back in print.

      Von plinkplonkVon plinkplonk6 dagar sedan
    • So the titled the video purge the crons! They just hate non marines plyers

      Priest KingPriest King7 dagar sedan
    • You're*

      Coffee RoastCoffee Roast7 dagar sedan
    • Your not wrong.

      Evo trooperEvo trooper7 dagar sedan
  • Is the kill team box the only way to get flayed ones for a while or will they come out separately? Also how much do you think itll be

    Abe RomeroAbe Romero7 dagar sedan
    • For now, yes. Likely around $160 USD

      HeadywonHeadywon7 dagar sedan
  • Please, just give us Codex Drukhari

    FriedenFrieden7 dagar sedan
  • Really not a fan of you releasing these models 6 months after their Codex; locked behind a 100€+ box ...

    Sebastian SSebastian S7 dagar sedan